Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School days past, present and future

When I saw this writing prompt on For the Love of Blogs, it immediately inspired me to post, for a number of reasons. See, the funny thing is they posted this picture, of a little red school house. Well that sent my memory into overdrive, because I actually went to a little red school house just like that. Unfortunately it was only for Kindergarten, but boy do I have some fond memories.

Actually I don't. If I strain my brain really hard, I van vaguely remember playing in the school yard playing a game of girls chase boys. I can hardly remember what it looked like inside, I remember long tables, tiny chairs that my butt would probably break now and a little indoor climbing playhouse made of black piping. And unfortunately we were the last class to be taught in that school, as I believe it's actually a museum now. But it's a really cool part of my small towns history and I'm excited I can take my daughter to visit it when she's older and make myself seem even more ancient by telling her I went to a one-room school. It's too bad I wasn't able to find a picture of it, because it is strikingly similar to that one above.

That picture sure made me feel homesick for the prairies, too. Just for everyones reference, when I say prairies, I mean Saskatchewan. It's just so unbelievably beautiful there. I've seen the temperate rain forest in BC, I've seen the rockies, I've seen the Canadian shield, I've seen the red beaches of PEI, heck I've even seen the frozen tundra in the far north but nothing makes me feel more at home than a sprawling field with an endless blue sky. Or how about a storm looming ahead on the horizon, blurring the line where the sky meets the land? And my absolute favorite thing? At night when you go a little further to the north and you have the fields behind you and the northern lights dance across the sky, illuminating the entire wilderness that is Northern Saskatchewan. As beautiful as it is here in Cape Breton, it's just not the same and I hope I'm able to make a trip home sooner rather than later.

Presently, I just enrolled for the winter semester at NSCC for Business Admin in Accounting. Not quite what I planned on doing with my life, but I'm excited and very nervous to be going back to school. I'm excited because I will be that much closer to being a positive role model (in my eyes) for my daughter and because I will feel like I'm doing something constructive. I'm nervous because I haven't worked and only taken a couple classes here or there in the past two years, also because I will be an adult student. It's a whole new experience.

(Here's one more northern lights picture because I miss them so much, photo credits, Mike Duffy from Fine Art America)

And lastly, it made me think about my daughters future of going to school. She's not quite two yet, so we've still got some time before then, but I think about it a lot. I look forward to making her lunches, helping her with homework, chaperoning her school events, helping her make a volcano out of baking soda and vinegar for her science class and so much more.


  1. You will have loads of fun with your daughter once she starts school! Good Luck with your classes. Thanks for stopping by my Twitter hop. Following you on GFC now!

  2. I saw that little red schoolhouse and thought "wow, I've never seen anything like it" because nothing like that exists down here...that is, unless you live in some small, rural area that nobody has ever heard of. Then you've never heard of it.

    I've never been that far north before- The farthest north I've traveled is St. Louis, possibly somewhere in Illinois. The farthest north I've lived is Texas *snort*. How's that for "north," right? I don't have the accent though, having started speaking in Florida and Hawaii, and a mom with a more northern accent (she's from St. Louis, actually). I've actually never seen the northern lights. I'd love to travel someday. The thought of Canada makes me cold (it's in the 80s Fahrenheit and I'm wearing a jacket, pants, and socks- in my defense, my dad over-airconditions the house, but still...). I've seen snow- been in Missouri when they've gotten snow too...but actually being in it for a whole winter? Yikes!

    I have to agree, I love seeing open fields and grassy areas, but I'm not keen on living there, I like having people around. It's the only way I feel I'll ever meet anyone. I feel like otherwise, I stick out and nobody will ever talk to me. *awkward*

  3. Ahh, I don't live up in the boonies anymore, mostly for lack of jobs for a journalist. I mean, Cape Breton isn't exactly a metropolis, but it's a decent size. The main reason I moved out of the prairies was because it was way too cold for me. I loved living in Vancouver because there was no snow. Just some rain, which you get used to after a while. But I could never leave Canada, I love it here toooo much.

    One thing I do miss about winter though? Shopping for super cute parkas and winter coats. =P