Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where have you been all my life

Shick Intuition??

This is a totally unofficial review of my new Shick Intuition razor.

I seriously love this thing, and I am at a loss for words at why I didn't try one sooner. I guess I was a little skeptical. I feel like I need to share this with all ladies who find shaving a chore. Specifically all you new mamas. Because sometimes showering is not a daily thing when you have a newborn. I'm not trying to be gross and I don't mean going weeks without showering, just maybe you didn't make it in there every single day. I know my main problem was I just forgot to shower, there's a lot going on when you have a new baby and you're all "Err, am I doing this right?"

I wish I'd have had this razor back then, because I'll be totally honest, my legs and pits got pretty fuzzy. Thank god it was winter when I had Lily. One of my biggest issues with showering in the early days of her life was because I was worried about her waking up and crying and I wouldn't hear her. Yeah, this sounds crazy to people who don't have kids, but moms, you know what I'm talking about. So I would normally bring her little bouncy chair into the bathroom with me, strap her in and have a 2 minute shampoo and soap and get out. Shaving? Ahh, that took like 10 minutes, way too long.

Of course this would be great for girls without kids too. I know when I was in school and working, sometimes I didn't have time to come home from work before going out with friends or have time between class and work to have a good long shower. This would be awesome for that. Only got 10 minutes for a shower? No worries.

The self lathering is great, I got the one for sensitive skin even though I don't have sensitive skin, and it never leaves my skin dry or crackly. It has 3 blades, so even though it doesn't get as close of a shave as the Shick Quattro for Women (which I also have), it gets a good close shave with no stubblies. Also another major plus is that I haven't had any razor burn from it either. No ingrown hairs or anything...it's seriously my new best self-care best friend. I was previously using a Venus razor with shave gel, and this thing blows it away. The only draw back I can see is that the cartridges are pretty pricey (they cost way more than the actual razor) and they don't seem to last that long. I've had mine for two weeks now and the lather bar is half gone, that's with me shaving every other day.

Close up of the razor, mine looks like this. I actually got the intuition naturals, but apparently it just means the BOX is made of post-consumer material, not that the razor or any other component has natural elements.

I highly recommend this piece of hardware for all new or expecting moms, working girls or just anybody.

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