Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A little of this, a little of that

So I'd like to consider myself a crafty mom. I bake every now and then, I sew here and there and I like to glue and mod podge things together to make unique decorations and fun trinkets.

Last night I made my first pair of pants since I was in Home Ec in the 8th grade. I made them for Lily and I think they turned out pretty snazzy. I had no pattern and actually just used a pair of pants she already owned. I'm making another pair and shirt to match soon, so if someone would like a cute tutorial, I would love to do one up.

 I also made this awesome grocery bag holder from Make It and Love It. I know, I know I'm supposed to be some super hippy eco-warrior...but I always forget my reusable bags in the trunk of the car and then I get up to the till and sigh because I have to pay $0.05 per plastic bag. But they get used and reused around here, and now I can hide them away in a super chic holder. How bout that?

Sorry for the crappy picture, the battery on my camera died so I had to use a phone.

I just scored all this sweet fabric at Fabricville for $12, 4 yards to be exact!! So stay tuned for more super fun stuff, oh and if you have some ideas of what to make with this fabric let me know, also PLEASE share your crafty blog if you have one, I love seeing all the amazing things you mamas create!


  1. oh her little pants are soo adorable!

  2. The pants turned out so well. Good For you! I don't know that I am all that crafty... yet it is something I am trying to find more time for, but I did make my kids Rolo pencils for fun (back to school) Anyway I'd love it if you'd pop by even if I'm not super crafty. Oh didn't notice a follow button so I am following your tweets.

  3. Funny after I posted GFC showed up under readers GFC can be funny sometimes so now I am following along too! :D

  4. Aww her pants are cute! .. I would love to make thing maybe I will get myself a sewing machine for christmas {I know its creeping up on us again}

  5. That's exactly what I got myself for Christmas last year. I didn't get anything fancy, but I really like my machine (it was $150 from Wal-Mart) And it's a great hobby...fabric can be a little expensive when you have a shopping addiction like me lol

  6. The pants and bag came out great. That's awesome - just catching up on my blogs here.