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My name is Courtney. I am a 20-something mom to one blond-haired, brown eyed bubbly little girl named Lily. She's almost two. I'm married to a wizard, let's call him Merlin, who also happens to be the most amazing chef I know and a pretty awesome dad too!
I am prairie-girl living on the coast. We live in beautiful Cape Breton Island, we're pretty new to this Island living and having moved from Vancouver, BC, it has been quite the change.
When I'm not blogging, wiping sticky fingers or chasing after our two boxers, I am probably working. I'm the owner of Snaps & Snails Natural Family Products, which keeps me pretty busy. I am also heading back to university right now after two years off, so this shall be interesting. I currently have a BA in Journalism, but I am completely changing gears and going into accounting.

But that's all business and no party! Things I really love talking about are: cloth diapers, babywearing, crafting, sewing, mushroom picking, parenting in general and growing up. Because really, I still feel like a kid. A really big kid. Who pays a mortgage and taxes. Boo. Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to subscribe or say hello! =D

Contact Info:
Email: courtygieg@yahoo.com
Facebook: My Brown Eyed Girl
Twitter: @penguinforce

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My Brown Eyed Girl

My Brown Eyed Girl